11 Easy Ways To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

Learning how to make money blogging the right way can be a frustrating job especially if you are a beginner. But, you are not alone, even pro bloggers face issues when it comes to earning money with their blogs.

I personally think what sets making money with blogs apart from other money-making methods is that it really comes down to your individual blog, your audience and what and how you write about thing.

To make money online as a blogger you have you have to customize and monetize your blog the right way. the best way to find out what monetization method works for your particular blog and what doesn’t is to test things out.

Make Money Blogging For Beginners

Here are a few blog monetization methods suitable for beginner bloggers. Now mind you, pro bloggers also use these money-making methods, but they also have other methods that may not be the best choice for a new blog that is just establishing itself and building a readers base. But these blog monetization methods are extremely easy to use and can help you make money with your blog no matter what stage you (as a blogger) and your blog are at.

The followings are 11 real ways to make money with a blog for beginners.


Audio Ads

Audio ads are basically those ads that when you visit a site they come up and tell you that you have won this or that. It can be both a very successful or a very disastrous monetization method depending on your blog. So, use it wisely.

  • The best known Audio Ad network is NetAudio.


Feed Ads

An alternative method to extend the advertisement on your blog thus increasing the revenue generated by it is to simply place ads in your rss feeds.  When it comes to adding ads to feeds, FeedBurner makes it easy and quick. Once you have set up FeedBurner for your blog, all it takes to add ads to your feed is just a one click and your feeds will begin to show ads by Google Adsense.

  • You can simply visit Feedburner and get it going.


Pay per click advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is actually an advertising system through which a blogger is paid whenever someone clicks on ads that are places on his or her blog.  PPC is probably the most popular approach bloggers implement to generate money on the web.  It requires very little work and it is unbelievably simple that lots of bloggers end up plastering them all over their blogs.

  • To try PPC for yourself and see whether it works for you or not, you can try PPC with Google Adsense, Chitika ,Yahoo!, Bidvertiser and Adbrite.


In-Text Ads

In-Text ads are used on a lot of sites and most people have come across it once or twice. They are simply ads in form of hyperlinks having double-lines directly below them.  Despite the fact that in some cases they are a good choice for bloggers pockets, they in due course annoy and upset the majority of visitors which makes them not want to come back to the blog anymore. So careful when using In-Text ads.

  • The most popular In-Text ad networks are Kontera and Vibrant Media.


CPM advertising

Cost Per Thousand is actually an advertising program based on the number of impressions.  Basically, advertisers put advertisements on your site and you’re simply compensated depending on the number of times the ad is seen by visitors.  This particular method is generally lucrative when it comes to blogs having massive number of visitors, but the good thing is it can help new blogs to start making money as well.

  • To try CPM  for yourself and see whether it works for you or not, you can use Value Click or Tribal Fusion.


Money Widgets

Using money widgets is a quite easy advertisements technique. basically a widget is integrated into the sidebar of your blog that automatically serves ads to visitors. All you have to do is embed the widget into your sidebar.

  • You can try Money Widget system by using any of these ad networks; The Newsroom, ScratchBack, SmartLinks.


Contributions From Readers

Many of us may not feel comfortable with the idea of having a donate button on our blogs, because we think of it as a way of begging readers to give us money. But the reality is that many visitors do like to show their appreciation for your work and they won’t mind contributing back with a little money. So, make it easy for them to donate by placing a donation button on your blog.

Plus, you are not begging anyone, if they like, they can donate, if not, they can continue as normal. It’s not like you are forcing anyone to donate.

  • To place a donation button on your blog, you are going to have to use PayPal which is by far the easiest and best way to set up online donation system.


Affiliate Marketing

Possibly the most profitable method when it comes to making money with a blog is affiliate marketing. You can make money with affiliate marketing as a blogger by making use of your blog in order to suggest helpful and appropriate products and services to your visitors.  The beauty of making money with affiliate marketing is the fact that you are simply promoting the product or service and not actually selling it.

  • Some of the best affiliate marketing networks that you can use to promote related products and services include ClickBank, Commission Junction, MaxBounty and Link Share.


Text Link Advertising

Text Link ads are different than In-Text ads. These are basically links that advertisers pay you to place within the content of your blog. Of course for that to happen, your blog has to be somewhat established and receive a decent amount of daily traffic.

  • There are a few ways to go with text link ads. When your blog becomes successful and popular, advertisers will probably contact you on their own, or you can always use text link ad brokers such as Text-Link-Ads and Text-Link-Brokers.


Paid Surveys and Polls

A simple and fun way to earn money from your blog is through asking visitors to participate in paid surveys and polls that can be set up on your blog by using one of many companies specializing in polls and online surveys. However, since paid surveys industry is full of scammers, it would be wise to ensure you use a reputable company.

  • One such a reputable company that you can use is VizuAnswers.


Pop-up Ads

Pop-up Ads are perhaps the most annoying advertising method out there. Yet, they do work for certain kinds of blogs. It’s on you to decide whether it’s a good fit for your blog or not.

  • Few popular Pop-up ad networks are Adbrite, PopupAd, Tribal Fusion and PayPopup.


Making a living from your blog may not more than just a dream for you at this time, but with a little hard work, commitment and true dedication along with making the right choices, your dream of making money blogging as a beginner can become a profitable reality.

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